Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The "Pregnant" in" Pregnant Bipolar Knitter"

I haven't talked too much about the "pregnant" in my blog title, mainly because other than the rampant depression/psychological problems I've had, the pregnancy has been healthy and uneventful.

Today, though, it's hard to ignore. I've been in the "PicU" (which I think stands for perinatal intensive care unit) since yesterday. My due date isn't until April 17, but I started getting pretty regular contractions last week. I've been having Braxton-Hicks contractions for about two months, but these were different. I came down to Labor & Delivery on Friday night, and they ran a few tests and checked me for dilation; despite the fact that I was 1 cm dilated (admittedly, not much) and 50% effaced, the doc on call opted not to do the fetal fibronectin test which can give an idea if you are going to go into labor soon or at least not for the next two weeks.

(Note that the doc on call was the doc that delivered my first daughter...which is a whole other story, but I told the nurse that I would drive home and have my baby there rather than have him ever touch me again. But I digress.)

Anyway, yesterday the contractions started getting stronger and more painful. My ob told me to come down to get checked, and lo and behold I was now 2 cm dilated AND the fetal fibronectin test was positive. So my doctor admitted me and started me on a course of muscle relaxers to halt the contractions and steroids to help the baby's development. They'd like to delay at least a few weeks. Seems like things are going according to plan, as the contractions are getting better. Hopefully I get to go home tomorrow.

That's my current story. I will say that the maternity ward is far preferrable to the psych ward; they don't care if I have ballpoint pens or drawstrings, AND I have internet access. Life is good (well, other than the fact I'm in the hospital).
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