Sunday, December 4, 2011

Okay, Now it's Time for Christmas Music

In direct opposition to what I posted last week about constantly blaring Christmas music at the hospital I was in, I am now ready to try to use the Power of Christmas Music for good, not evil.  Maybe, at some point, I could even call it a coping mechanism.

I don't hate Christmas music.  I just hate Christmas music before Thanksgiving (and I always hate Mariah Carey and George Michael Christmas music, that's a constant).  Plus, my all-time favorite Christmas song is "Please Daddy, Don't Get Drunk this Christmas," by John Denver (from the album Aspenglow). Who in their right mind could hate that song?

Anyway, I dug out all my old Christmas CDs and am ripping them into iTunes and uploading/downloading/sideloading/whateverloading so I can listen to them on my iPod or my phone.  As a side note, if you haven't checked out this whole Amazon cloud thingie, it's kind of cool.  Essentially, you can mirror your iTunes and Amazon Cloud libraries to each other, so you can play any of your digital music library on just about any portable device, Mac or other (like Android). 

I thought I'd share some of my favorite Christmas songs:
  • John Denver, "A Baby Just Like You" and "Aspenglow" -- both wonderful in a melancholy-John-Denver kind of way
  • John Denver, "Please Daddy, Don't Get Drunk This Christmas" -- as mentioned
  • Weezer, "Hark the Harald Angels Sing" -- a house in our neighborhood does this amazing light display set to music, and this is one of the songs they use
  • Sarah McLachlan's version of "Happy Christmas" -- I bought this album the year it came out and thought I was so cool, but it turns out everyone has it now
  • Harry Connick, Jr., "The Blessed Dawn of Christmas Day" -- another album that everyone has (or at least has heard some of the songs from) of, but this is a nice, peaceful song and very Harry Connick-y.  I also like "I Pray on Christmas," it has a funky gospel sound
  • The Muppets' "Twelve Days of Christmas" -- I think I like this one because at my husband's yearly extended Christmas party, we'd sing the song and you had to sing the verse that corresponded to your birth month (first day = January, etc), and my mother-in-law was May (fifth month), and she ALWAYS sang it just like Miss Piggy
And I'd recommended the following albums, in their entirety:
  • "Peace," by Jim Brickman
  • "A New Age Christmas," Various.   I think I bought this randomly somewhere in a check-out line, but it's really good
  • "Christmas Guitar," Boccherini Guitar Quartet
  • "Celtic Christmas Harp I," Various. Again, bought this one somewhere but I can't remember where
  • "A Windam Hill Christmas, I'll Be Home for Christmas," Windam Hill.  I'm currently pissed because I know I bought this at some point but I can't find it right now
I know I've missed some good ones, but that's enough for a low-impact Sunday post.  Happy caroling!

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  1. I love George Winston's December cd. Not technically Christmas, but still very nice. Although my daughter and I just moved in with my boyfriend and we are still unpacking. I haven't found my cds yet and I am stuck listening to my boyfriend's Elvis Christmas...making me crazy(er).