Thursday, January 6, 2011

This Blog is for you...

Well, okay, it's for me, too, but I'm starting it with the intention of bringing together a very underserved population of women: pregnant women with mental illness. Through this online journal, I want to tell my (unfortunately) ongoing story of battling mental illness (specifically bipolar disorder) while pregnant, and hopefully give some comfort, hope, and maybe suggestions to people in similar situations.

My goal is not necessarily to whine and bitch about my experiences- - though I can't promise that there won't be at least some of that from time to time. Rather, I believe that I am not alone in what I have been going through with this, my third pregnancy. My bipolar disorder, specifically bipolar depression, aggression, agitation, and irritation, is all but running my life right now and making it hard to function on a "normal" level, which primarily means taking care of my other two children (aged 4 and 2). Hopefully, this blog will give me a positive focus that I can control- -because let's face it, when you're pregnant, most of your life seems out of control, regardless if you have a history of mental illness or not. And hopefully, someone out there will connect with my story and feel a little less alone, and a little more hopeful.

In my next post I'll start to tell my story. In the meantime, I'll be knitting, which is one of the few things keeping me from teetering over the brink of sanity.

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